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Consider the following safety suggestions regarding yourself, the dentist and staff, as well as the treatment room, when looking for a Mercury-Safe experience.

The process of drilling out amalgam fillings liberates quantities of mercury vapor and fine particulates that can be inhaled and absorbed through the lungs. In order to determine if your dentist has been specially trained, here are some questions to ask.

Remove toxic dental materials safely and comfortably in the Saf-T-Op treatment room - built specifically for the purpose of providing a mercury-safe haven for patients seeking replacement of mercury-amalgam/silver fillings. It was designed to be the safest, most comfortable space to undergo dental treatment of any kind.


PowerPlay Sports Dentistry- Sports Dentistry Port Jefferson

A multi-faceted consideration of dental and physical well-being for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. This is designed to improve athletic performance, aid in complementing rehabilitation, and maintenance of health. This can include diagnosis and treatment of oral-medical toxicities, nutritional counseling, access / referral to alternative medical specialists and other therapies.

We employ the following IAOMT approved methods to reduce mercury vapor exposure to our patients and operators during amalgam removal:

ALL electrical wiring from the original building was removed and replaced by shielded wiring

In keeping with our safety-first mentality, ALL electrical wiring from the original building was removed and replaced by shielded wiring. This was done to eliminate the radiation of ElectroMagnetic frequencies, which are typical in offices with non-shielded-wiring.

Once a suitable location was found, the existing space was COMPLETELY gutted.

When Dr. Leonard T. Fazio began construction on the dental office in Port Jefferson, N.Y., his singular vision for a technologically advanced, and environmentally safe facility was realized. In addition to being a warm and welcoming space, the finished product had to be a healthy environment.

Dr. Fazio, Long Island's biological dentist, takes a unique approach to oral healthcare; combining sound dental science and technical experience, with a deep concern for his patients' emotional well-being and comfort.